Lauri Peterson

Lauri Waring opens up about her engagement, and the lucky guy who won her heart.

on Jan 25, 2007


I'm engaged! I'm so happy and excited and lucky — he's such a wonderful guy. When I met George, I really needed somebody to understand where I was in my life. My last divorce was life changing. I had lost myself entirely. When your partner has deceived you so much — it's a much larger heartbreak. My sense of trust had been crushed and I didn't know if I ever wanted to jump back into any of it.

With George, it seemed clear from the start that we were coming to this from the same experience. We don't know why, but we both had a level of trust that neither of us had ever experienced before. He was patient enough to work through what I was going through. I needed someone like George, someone who had been divorced, who had kids, and who got that there was still going to be ongoing confrontation with people from the past. Those confrontations might, indeed, last a lifetime. I can hope that they don't. But it's nice to be with someone who understands.