Lauri Peterson

Lauri Waring explains why sevens are lucky for her and her fiance, George.

on Dec 13, 2007

I don't know maybe I'm weird, but we had so much fun -- simple, innocent, cheap fun -- like seeing who had collected the most interesting piece of driftwood, practicing our Tarzan call to other campers camping on the other side of Yellowstone Lake, and the biggest adventure was the challenge of outrunning the abundance of bears to use the outhouse. Sorry, but you just can't get the thrill of fighting for your life at the Four Seasons! Perhaps it was a bit selfish of me to want to bring back memories, but I thought it would be good for George's daughters to experience nature in somewhat of a primitive form.

Back to the wedding. Wedding dress shopping with Austin Scarlett was a highlight for me. Meeting Austin Scarlet was so exciting He is larger than life! I totally outweighed him and his make-up was pro. When I initially met him, I don't even remember what I said because I was so fascinated with the perfection of his eyeliner! He was so sweet and kind to us. He truly was interested in finding the perfect dress for me. He is so talented, and his dresses are amazing. He completely "gets" the female form. I just recently ran into him at the Runway fashion show in New York and showed him pictures of the wedding. I think he was impressed with his work! All of Austin's dresses were beautiful and truly amazing!

Price wasn't an issue. I wanted the perfect dress -- it had to fit like a glove, and I wanted to look like Cinderella! I wanted a dress that was timeless, so that in 10 or 20 years when I look back at the photos, I won't be saying, "What was I thinking?" The dress I chose was Ashley's favorite. After watching the last episode, I know that I chose the perfect dress for me.