Lauri Peterson

Lauri Peterson explains how she steers clear of Coto drama, and defends her daughter's buisness.

on Dec 3, 2008

I think everyone loves gossip, at least to some degree, whether you are the giver or the receiver. It really is one of the oldest forms of sharing information. People love the shock value that gossip provides. The problem is that a majority of the information eventually gets distorted and ends up simply untrue. Often times, misinformation is "leaked" out of ill will and jealousy. Jealousy is the most powerful and destructive emotion that I've witnessed in people. It causes tremendous harm! It is one thing to have fun bantering back and forth, but when it becomes mean and cruel, hurtful and untrue, I'm done! I'm over it and I leave.

When we were waiting in the limo for Gretchen on our way to Sonya Dakar, we were all bagging on each other in a fun way. We are fairly frank and honest with each other. We've become sisterly. We really were just joking and making it a game to say as many mean things as we could about Gretchen before she got in the limo. We made her fully aware of what we had said to break the ice with her. We were just teasing. As Tamra said, we were just trying to get the "hazing" over with quickly. In regards to the comments made on the rooftop at Sonya Dakar, I felt the comments had crossed the line from good spirited teasing into cruel and hurtful. It made me feel uncomfortable and I wish I had said something, but I hate conflict so much that I chose silence and distance to deal with it.

The treatments we received were amazing. My skin was so soft and glowing when I left in a hurry in order to attend the 2008 Annual Miocean Blue42 charity event held that night that. George and I attend the event every year, which is held at the lovely St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach. Seven years ago, George helped co-found this organization, which is comprised primarily of O.C. business executives with a passion for the ocean. Miocean works to develop, support and implement programs that will reduce urban runoff and preserve the environmental integrity of Southern California beaches and coastal waters. For more information go to

I've known Vicki for about 8 years. Over those years, I've noticed that she is extremely passionate and career driven. How many people can say that they actually love their job? I give her credit for being strong and determined. Some say she is a workaholic, but especially now that she has an empty nest, why not? Trust me when I say that there are far greater evils and addictions, drugs being the first thing that comes to mind. I doubt her addiction to work will kill her! The other thing that I do know about Vicki is that she works hard, but plays just as hard!