Lauri Peterson

It's getting closer to the big wedding day, but Lauri Waring's focusing on her son's health.

on Jan 18, 20080

Hi everyone!

Before I get into Episode 10, Bravo tells me that they have had an enormous amount of requests from viewers interested in knowing who the designer was of the leopard print dress that I wore for my bridal shower and more details in regards to our wedding. As far as details of our wedding, I am revamping my Web site I will have extensive details of our wedding including a list of all of our vendors and lots of fun surprises. I think you will enjoy it even if a wedding is not on the horizon. The leopard print dress that I wore at my bridal shower was found by George at Villa Romana in St. Tropez last summer. I must say that George has incredible taste. The designer is Jenny Packham. Go to to view her current collections. They are amazing!

It was so nice to have the opportunity to attend Tamra's 40th birthday party for two reasons: one being that it forced me to get away from the stress of planning a wedding to enjoy an evening with George and "the housewives" and the other reason being that I really like Tamra. She is so full of life, a bundle of energy, and just plain fun to be around. Tamra does not hold back from saying what is on her mind. You really can't predict what will flow out of her mouth. She is hilarious. Plus it was a special night for her and I know that Simon really went out of his way to make her happy. It is nice to be around couples that are so obviously in love as the two of them. I like the way they joke around with each other. I feel it is so important to laugh together. The Rolex watch Simon gave Tamra was incredible and she wears it well.


I have been trying to follow this heartfelt experience with Josh. I am not sure where he is in his journey toward recovery, but I understand everything that you are feeling. My son was diagnosed with adhd and we have had him in counseling since he was young. My husband and I have been married for 27 years. He is now living in a sober living facility, and still struggles, he is sober but doesn't deal with life problems. We have offered counseling again, and are willing to pay for his medication. But he has his own agenda, which is scarey. It is very difficult, and you are afraid when the phone rings, and afraid when it doesn't. He is very immature and doesn't see the big picture. I wish he had a girlfriend who could shed some light on his situation, and convince him that family is the most important thing. Good luck, and I would love to here how Josh is doing and my prayers are with you. Sharon