Lauri Peterson

It's getting closer to the big wedding day, but Lauri Waring's focusing on her son's health.

on Jan 18, 2008

I think Josh was somewhat reticent in showing up at our home for many reasons. Most often when meeting with a therapist you are challenged to acknowledge and face your problems. That can be scary and painful. With the addition of camera crews, you are fully aware that you are opening up your problems for the world to see. I also think that Josh was feeling some guilt over allowing himself to be used by an adult earlier that year, as a missile to hurt my relationship with George and to spread hatred. He was fully aware of the impact that it had on George and I and I know he felt ashamed about it. It must have taken a tremendous amount of courage to show up at George's house after so much destruction had occurred. I commend Josh for confronting his problems. People make mistakes. The lesson that I've been trying to teach Josh is what matters is that he acknowledge his wrongdoing, take responsibility for it, apologize if necessary, move on, and don't do it again! If it were only that easy — right?

Next week is our wedding! Our season finale, but the beginning of "Lauri & George" (and a very large family!) We won't disappoint you.

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