Lauri Peterson

From first class to roughing it RV style, Lauri Waring details her family vacation.

on Jan 2, 2008


Taking the family to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone Park went about as well as expected. The first part of the trip was relaxing, yet we participated in many activities with the entire family — even my mom and dad joined us at the Four Seasons. We river-rafted and fly-fished down the Snake River, and we hopped on horses and rode through the valleys and hills of the Grand Tetons. I can't describe in words the magnitude of beauty of the scenery. The Tetons are so majestic — the skies so clear and bright blue and the valleys so lush and green with the most amazingly colorful wildflowers. It was great having my mom and dad along as it was the first time they had a chance to meet George's daughters. My parents were happy in the comfort of their very large suite. Our room at the Four Seasons was a large three-bedroom suite with almost 3,000 square feet of living space. All eight of us had plenty of room to roam. No one had the need for extra space.


Now fast forward five days later, imagine the vocalization expressed as I attempted to herd and cram everyone into an RV containing under 300 square feet with no room service and mini bars. If I had been smarter, I would have started the vacation with the RV and ended it in luxury. Yeah well, the kids had attitudes, but they quickly turned it into survival mode, like hiking to find the nearest pay phone since there was no cell phone reception in the park. It was also quite an ordeal being creative in finding enough sleeping areas for each child. I will tell you that it was very cozy!