Lydia McLaughlin's Tips for Travel With Kids: Bring a Nanny and Fly Private!

The #RHOC mom bypasses some of the typical challenges.

The Real Housewives of Orange County former cast member Lydia McLaughlin loves to travel with her whole family: The brood wings away to Canada every summer, and is looking forward to a possible trip to Italy, up next on the docket. Europe's not exactly around the corner from the O.C. — and most moms would say travel with young kids is no easy feat. So how does Lydia do it?

Well, when we caught up with her at the new season premiere in Hollywood, Lydia told us that her multigenerational family travel typically involves a jet and a yacht... that's how! 

In addition to flying private — where there's plenty of room to spread out, and no irritated strangers to make you feel bad about fussy kids — Lydia says her top tip is to "travel with a nanny." (And she freely admits her approaches to family travel aren't exactly "the normal thing" other moms can easily emulate.)

She also recommends waiting until kids are a bit older and can be both more responsible for their own necessities, as well as enjoy and appreciate new environments in an elevated way.

But if you can't — or don't want to — wait until kids are older to get back out there and explore the world as you might have been accustomed before wee ones entered the picture, Lydia says kids are more adaptable and competent than you might think when it comes to long-haul flights and foreign environments: "Your kids rise to the occasion," she said.

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