Quinn Fry

Quinn Fry looks back on the third season of Real Housewives, and says a big thank you to fans!

on Jan 27, 2009

What can I say? The season is over and just as I was starting to get the hang of it!

A huge thank you to Bravo and Evolution for our very special treatment on the day that we filmed the reunion show. I felt like a "star" complete with our names on our dressing room doors and wonderful wrapped gifts, even one from Tiffany! What woman doesn't love those Tiffany blue boxes?

It was an amazing experience, and looking back I'm a little sad that it's now over. I am really happy that I've gotten the chance to spend some quality time getting to know the other housewives and they are not nearly as scary as I once thought. In fact, last week Jeana and I went to a charity fund-raiser event at the Honda Center. Also last week Tammy, Megan, Lindsey, and I met up for some fun at a very silly OC Bachelor Auction. My pal Debbie and I went in halves and bid on Duff! Ha — that was interesting I must say. Now I hear that Duff is married. What gives? I had a blast hanging out with Tammy and her girls at 3 Thirty 3 restaurant afterwards. Jared was also up for auction that night and I was the one that actually auctioned him off! To me!? Ha! I'll just say that together we are too much fun. Anyway, never a dull moment here in the OC. Jared and I are planning on heading to Malibu for brunch soon. I'm glad that I met him, he always makes me smile and he is a such a doll! No, I am not "dating" Jared, he is a friend of mine, nothing more.