Quinn Fry

Quinn Fry counts down her top five favorite moments of Season 3.

on Jan 23, 2008

Las Vegas and Roxie — what a hoot! The chats between Billy and me had been too serious and I thought that a little levity would lighten up the trip. So I grabbed my sassy blond wig and transformed myself into Roxie one evening. It was "no harm no foul" and Billy had fun with it. It was Las Vegas after all and time to have a little fun! I work hard all week and Billy does too, so a little play time was much needed. My Roxie "persona" if you will, was created during the time that I was dating David from San Clemente. He REALLY loved Size 2-blondes and secretly (or maybe not so secretly) wished that I was one I suppose. So I dieted and exercised down to a Size 4 and purchased a blond wig. He LOVED it when I wore it and it was a playful evening out when Roxie came along. The trouble was or I guess I should say my lesson was ... that no matter what size a person is or what color their hair is or — let's take it one step further — what age they are ... it really shouldn't matter if you love them. But for a fun evening out and away from your normal circle of friends, try it. It's fun to pretend and be playful every so often. Billy and I broke up right after the Vegas trip and I mean right after. In fact during the trip I think we both knew. So when we came back to the OC and talked about "us," we both decided that it just was not going to work. Despite the fact that we connect and are attracted to each other, that in and of itself is just not enough. Yes we still e-mail, text, and talk to each other. In fact we met up for coffee just a few weeks back. He is a nice man, and he is a friend. He just wrote me last night about getting together for coffee again soon or even dinner.

Looking back on the season, I have learned that my selection of attire needs to be altered. My tops were way too low, I agree. I have learned what it means when the Bible says, "Do not throw your pearls before swine." We need to be careful about what we share with people, and use discernment as to whether they will scorn precious things or listen with an open mind. Or another thought is: Maybe we give ourselves to people that cannot or do not appreciate the gift. On a lighter note, being recognized is fun. I'm still not used to it and smile when people stop and ask me for a photo or ask me questions about the show. I've learned that being called a "cougar" might not be a bad thing. Jared said, "Have you ever seen an ugly cougar? NO! The word cougar suggests a successful, older but BEAUTIFUL woman." Thank you Jared for the sweetness, and now you can see why I keep him around, huh?