Quinn Fry

Quinn Fry explains why she's not jumping on the Botox bandwagon.

on Jan 9, 2008


Ahhh — can I just say that Botox and me are not friends, and the main reason is that I absolutely HATE needles! OK  every couple of months I do give blood at work for the Red Cross, but I'm a huge baby about it. The fear of needles is the real reason that Botox is not on my list of "must-haves." Tamra and Tammy are both very beautiful women, and I don't think they need anything done to their faces. But, if they feel better by having Botox, then I say, "Go for it girls." But can I just tell you that I have seen them close up and I think that they look beautiful just the way they are, truly.

The oxygen rejuvenation facial I received that day was a little slice of heaven! If they invent a way to get rid of my wrinkles without a needle, then sign me up! I hate those "11" lines between my eyes — I've had them since birth and they have always bugged me. Getting rid of that would be nice, or the lines around my lips ... I could go on forever here. Someone please stop me! I really hate getting older. My little comment about "dating younger men ... because I can" had nothing to do with the girls or Botox or me thinking I'm all that ... period. I must have been feeling particularly sassy that day.