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A Rough Night

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A Rough Night

Sarah thinks the women needs to rise above the "he said, she said" nonsense.

Yes, I do have an opinion.


First and foremost I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to Gretchen, Slade and his son, I know they are going through a lot. I'm always here for you guys if you ever need anything.

I'm also so proud of Alexis for being brave enough to stand up for her herself like she did at the '80s party. That must have been very hard to go through the embarrassment of sitting there listening to Heather and Terry blatantly make fun of her at the table when she never did anything to them.

But then again I can personally relate to the crude and unnecessary slams and comments from the Ol' Mighty Heather and Terry. They just think they are better than everyone else, naturally! LOL. . .but that's a whole other story. Condescending is not attractive. I truly hope they both find peace in their hearts and their lives someday.

As far as the rest of the party, it's was very hard to see my good friends in the group go through all of this. It seems like it was a really rough night for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, not being there through most of this with my dear friends was very difficult. I knew what they were really going through in their personal lives, which makes it very understandable that being confronted by these minor types of issues was even more difficult. There are much bigger issues at hand to focus on, instead of the "who said what, who looks like what and who is getting what done."