Simon Barney

Simon talks about his altercation with Ryan, the La Perla lingerie party, and more!

on Dec 7, 2009


Episode 3

I only have one thing to say for all the trash talking from a few of the cast members. If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones. I've noticed when people are guilty, they will attack others to divert the focus. Basically the best defense is a good offense.

Here is a tip I learned a long time ago from a very wise person. People unknowingly admit their deceitful ways with their words and actions without any provocation. An example of this is when someone says: "I'm not the kind of person to lie, but..." That’s when they will tell you the biggest lie you've heard all week. Some people will subconsciously tell you what they are guilty of. Sound familiar?

La Perla! As you can imagine, I was not comfortable for my wife to parade around in lingerie. I think some things are private and only for your loved one to see. All in all, we had fun. Tamra tried her best to be civil to Gretchen and Slade, and she was. You never saw her making any comments about either of them. She really tries to be nice.

Episode 4

Let’s talk about the party at Vicki's house. I really felt bad for Ryan when I watched this episode. No parent likes to see their kid struggle and look bad for the entire world to see. Taking my car with a suspended license was something that could have been very detrimental to all ( I hope you will see the change in Ryan that I have in the upcoming episodes. The conversation you see between Tamra and me was a little heated. I looked really mad in this scene. You have to understand she was prodding me for a long time that day to talk to her about Ryan. I felt it wasn't the right time or right place (July 5th at Vicki's). Eventually I gave in and gave her what she wanted. I didn't like watching myself talk to my wife like that. It's not my nature and feels unnatural. I don't think she expected my response to be so direct. It was something that had to be said. I try to let people make and learn from their mistakes on their own. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked for Tamra and Ryan. So I let the words flow out that I had held back for so long. Tamra is a wonderful mother, but sometimes she lets her guilt of being a single young mother (20 years ago) get in the way of making difficult parental decisions.