Simon Barney

Simon talks about his relationship and defends his so-called "controlling" behavior.

on Dec 11, 2009

Tamra getting back to real estate is great. I thought she handled herself at the open house well. I am very proud of her no matter what she does. I will always support her in any direction she wants to go. Love you babe!

The dinner with Donn and Vicki to me looked awkward. Discussing Tamra and my marriage instead of enjoying themselves. This is where I have had the problem with Vicki as of late. For years she has told Tamra how she should act and treat me. I would only hope Vicki and Donn had more pressing information on their minds to discuss during dinner conversation than our marriage. This year, Vicki has stepped it up a little. She is now telling me how I should be in my marriage and with my wife. That’s where I draw the line. Her and Donn have their own unique relationship and it works for them. I don’t want Donn's life or marriage. Maybe when Tamra and I get to their age and our kids are out of the house we might do the same. For now, there are 80k reasons why I don’t have Vicki's relationship.

Gretchen and Tamra’s lunch! Wow! This so overplayed and old. I don't know about all of you, but I'm tired of this horse, stop beating it, it's DEAD! A final observation about Gretchen at lunch. I've notice when she is caught being deceptive, she has this certain look on her face. Her mouth gets small and pulls down on her cheeks. Her eyes really tell it all. It's the same look she had when she was on the reunion show last year. Hmmm?