Simon Barney

Simon reacts to his wife's comments and wonders if their marriage can be saved.

on Jan 7, 2010

The talk that Tamra and I had in our back yard was hard for me to watch. Our marriage is definitely not perfect, but then again, whose is? As I've already said, I can't completely blame Vicki for this behavior. However I choose not to be around people that are not positive to my family and me. My wife seems to feel differently and always accommodates these kinds of people. She was not always like the way she is today. My wife has changed in the last few years. (I wonder why???) She is not the same girl I knew three years ago. I really don't know her anymore. And it breaks my heart.

In this same conversation, Tamra tells me she wants to make amends with Gretchen, even after everything that she has done. As you saw by my face, I was shocked. I have stayed mostly out of my wife’s decisions when it comes to Gretchen. Unfortunately in this case there were reasons why I felt so strongly against this. Last year Gretchen said and did things that upset my wife (false accusations, court summons, etc.). It upset Tamra so much that she remained in bed for a whole month. She was miserable and cried all the time during this period. Naturally I was the one with her every day taking care of her and our kids. And as you can imagine, not having her happy and healthy put a toll on our family. I promised her then and there that I would never let this happen to her again. This didn't mean I was encouraging her to be mean to Gretchen. On the contrary, I said be civil and pleasant, but don't engage her or be overly friendly with her either. So yes! I was upset that she would even fathom the idea of making amends. And yes! I was willing to speak up and put my foot down. If it was about control as my wife mentioned, I would have intervened long before. As I said to her, I'd rather spend my time and energy with people that are a positive part of our life. I pride myself in not being a hypocrite who pretends to like someone, and then talks negatively behind their back.

Next we see Jim and Alexis’s church and how they view God. I think this is a good thing. This seems to keep them and their marriage grounded. Their church seemed to be very uplifting and fun. Maybe I should go with them one day. I would also like to apologize to Jim, Alexis and viewers regarding the "Devil Humping 700 cc's" comment. I think that was inappropriate and in bad taste.

Next we see my really good friend Marcos and Tamra looking at houses. I only have one thing to say (again): "Don't talk badly about your spouse, ever." TV show or not. It just makes you look bad. For those who don't know, Marcos is one of my closest friends. I had approached him regarding Tamra becoming his partner. I then had to convince Tamra to take this opportunity. So for all those people who see me as having an issue with my wife working, you are dead wrong. I welcome it if it is what she wants to do. I only had one concern. I just don't want her to forget the most important job we have, raising our children.