Survey Shows THIS Is Travelers' Biggest Pet Peeve — But Gretchen Rossi Won't Stop!

She's down with the millennials.

Gretchen Rossi

A recent survey from suggests that 70 percent of Americans have expressed desire to travel this year (and who are those other 30 percent?). But that doesn't mean everyone is satisfied with their travel experiences when they do get their jet set on.

Those polled were asked to call our their biggest travel-related pet peeve. And what, among all possible peeves, won out? Wait for it... Snapchat! And that's saying something, with results from 35,288 respondents. It seems people are getting pretty fed up with social over-sharers overshadowing pristine beaches, quiet restaurants, and historical sites.

Naturally, we wanted to let one of the Real Housewives weigh in on this — given the social media sharing platform is a favorite among cast members. (Bethenny Frankel even just snapped her way through her entire Mykonos vacation, hiccups and all.)

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi told Jet Set, "I am a huge Snapchat fan. I have no problem with it! And I think it's fun because it allows your fans and followers to feel like they are right there with you enjoying the experience."

And she knows not only about Snapchat, but about travel: She wings around frequently to support her Gretchen Christine Tanning business, and thinks the people of Snapchat in general look better tanned, bikini clad, and on vacation. 

When asked what travel amenities Gretchen Rossi thinks the world needs more of, she replied thoughtfully (and with tons of emojis) that, "Every hotel should have a Gretchen Christine tanning machine — because let's face it, everyone looks skinnier and better with a tan."

We couldn't find any scientific or survey data to back that statement up, but it seems about right. "And I would love a blow dry bar in every hotel room, because it makes your vacay so much nicer when you can get a nice quick and cheap blowout after a long day at the pool or whatever you might be doing. Many hotels have salons but they charge like $75 to $95 for a blowout, and that's just too much — $35 at a blow bar feels much more worth it."

We feel you, Gretchen, and wish you'd send out a snap from your next vacay demanding hotels offer cheaper blowouts and skinny-enhancing tans. You have influence after all!

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