Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Kickerbocker offers her final thoughts on Season 2 of Real Housewives.

on Mar 14, 2007


I guess that might be an appropriate reference to the end of our season as well as Shakespeare, since both of our productions might be considered a tragedy and a comedy all at once. Being one of the Real Housewives has been quite an experience to say the least. Having a camera follow you around and listening to all of your private conversations has been, well ...not what I expected. I imagined that I would be more cautious or at least have the ability to control things that I said while they were around. In "reality," as farfetched as it seems, I came to a point that I forgot a camera crew was even present. They can be across the room filming you and you hardly see them. It's easy to forget that we have mic's under our clothing too. Very easy. Every little whisper can be picked up. Boy, is that a recipe for trouble! On top of that I noticed that being rigged up in such a way also makes it very difficult to just walk a way from a situation when I am uncomfortable.


For me, that is how I dealt with a lot of my personal issues. I tend to walk away to take a breather and clarify my thoughts, which although easier for me, is not always considerate to the other party. I am also inclined to give my kids "the look," which is not the most productive way to get my point across. My shortcuts and shortcomings have definitely been brought to the forefront. I know many people probably think it was crazy to get involved in a reality show in the first place. I gave it a lot of thought when the idea was presented to me in the first season, but declined initially. In the end I decided to take the chance. Why not take a few chances in life? I'm an easygoing person and I learned long ago not to let the opinions of outsiders get me down. I know who I am and my family and friends know who I am, and that is all that really matters most to me. How often does one get to have their life and family documented by a professional camera crew? It sure beats just having a family photo album. Some day we can all look back on this and laugh.