Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Knickerbocker explains why it's tough to be on TV.

on Feb 23, 2007

I would like to say thank you to all my "new friends" who have expressed kindness and support. I have tried to reply to some of you when time permits, but please forgive me if my computer skills are not up to par. I am slowly acclimating to internet communication and still only learning how to operate a myspace.com page! But for those of you who have shown concern or asked questions about my background, let me attempt to fill in some of the blanks a little further. Though I am in presently in good economic health with a financially rewarding career, I am no stranger to a diminutive economic status, dating to childhood. My mother (to whom you have been introduced in episode two and with whom, I am sure, you now also hold in high regard) created a loving and happy home despite few creature comforts. That Garden Grove, California household was occasionally chaotic, seeing three stepfathers come and go, and one exceptional stepfather, Dale, come and stay. There was very little disposable family income and at age fifteen I began to make my own purchases- movie tickets, my $600 car, etc., through gainful employment. I have worked ever since.

Three years later I was a college student by day and a cocktail waitress by night. I met the man who would become my husband while working as at his restaurant. We dated, fell in love and married in an additional three years. While Lou certainly provided modicum of stability exceeding my existing situation, we were by no means well off. In fact, when we started our foray into entrepreneurship, we were even forced to move into my mother's house to save precious working capital.

Our determination overcame such challenges though, and our first venture of note was International Beauty Supply, formed in 1985, within which we developed La Vie anti wrinkle cream with Dr. Michael Elam. In episode four, Dr. Elam is seen performing Megan's rhinoplasty, (nose job), and it was due to our twenty year working relationship that his wife Shelly offered me the complimentary facial seen on that episode to show me their new procedure. With the launch of La Vie we pioneered the first use of a celebrity spokesperson on home shopping channels, with Phyllis Diller serving in that role.