Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Knickerbocker talks Duff, dating, and relationship woes.

on Mar 6, 2007


Duff had started a business in Palm Springs and was commuting to Orange County by then. I had just started working for RE/MAX Real Estate and it seemed we had everything. I was happy, and financially independent. Everything was good. There are two or more sides to every story of course, and Duff can't really speak his on here. But my side of it is that I wanted to get married, and Duff didn't. We had different views on our future together. I had grown past a role of essentially living one day at a time I suppose. I had been accustomed to being in survival mode for so long that perhaps it became a way of life for me. Now I was ready to think about the future, and I wanted a more solid, committed family unit. We just weren't on the same track. This is not to say that he wasn't a great partner and great father, but yes, I did want that elusive "more," that was mentioned in my lunch out with Duff in an earlier episode. I felt I had proven myself, by putting eight years into the relationship. I didn't want to be just floating, possibly in different directions and never anywhere specific. I wanted more than the just the journey. I wanted a destination, and a new place to discover together.