Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Knickerbocker talks Duff, dating, and relationship woes.

on Mar 6, 2007


So, we scheduled a meeting with his teacher Ms. Cristal to ask for help in dealing with this issue. She gave us the advice of putting a sticker in his lunch box everyday to show who was picking him up at the end of day. She said it would take away the guessing or anxiety of not knowing. All I have to say is it was the best advice. After four weeks Ryley's stress was pretty much eliminated. He had the tools to understand what was going on and feel more empowered. He even got to the point where in the morning when we put the colored sticker in his lunch box he would say, "Today... Mommy it is a green sticker, right?" (Duff's sticker was orange and mine was green.) It was really cute and now after three months of this we can officially say we are off the sticker program. A big thank you and appreciation to Ms. Cristal and all the wonderful, concerned teachers out there who help guide families like us through these challenges of life. We are truly grateful for the job you do. Now if only stickers worked for my older kids, or full-grown college students like Shane, we might be onto something. Duct tape might be a better tool for Shane, right over his mouth at times. But I think one thing people don't realize is that when they get to the size and age of Shane, and my older children for that matter, even though we think of them as our "kids", they are actually adults. And that's a whole new ballgame that I don't envy Jeana and Matt having to play with Shane. I have my hands full also and most of the time I am just grateful when all is quiet on the domestic front for any amount of time.