Tammy Knickerbocker

Tammy Knickerbocker sheds light on how her life once was with Lou.

on Jan 30, 2007


"What was that life like back then," I am asked, "at the height of your and Lou's success, living in that big house" (shown in episode three). Dare I disappoint and whisper my true opinion in response? The best of "that life" had nothing to do with "that lifestyle." Life was being a typical American family. Yes, yes, the home was large. Yes, Lou and I were free of common financial stresses. And yes, we did have some things that I cannot afford on my more average current income. But then, as now, the character and cadence of life is the same as that shared by most working moms.

Each weekday sunrise saw me awakening my kids. Within the span of one hour each was dressed and fed, a breakfast of my making. Then I was off to work to look forward to the task of making the evening meal. And yes, now as then, I was exhausted at the end of everyday too, just like millions of other working moms. My weekends also, were in keeping with a typical American ethos: Lou and I making progress on backyard projects, planting trees and such, or hosting barbeques for friends and family. In my view, being a mom with or without wealth is the same — abdicating your role as mom when there is money is what changes things.