Tamra Barney

Tamra talks Lynne's eviction, the wives' classy dinner date, and Vicki's showdown with Alexis in San Fran.

on Feb 12, 2010

It was nice that Briana was able to come up and join us. I know Vicki is NOT feeling good about the dynamic of the group this year. It was good that she was there for Vicki. With Briana going through so many health scares, I'm sure it was hard for Vicki to be so far away.

Vicki and Alexis just don't get along. Like I always say, "Not everybody has to like each other,"  that's just part of life. I think Vicki is a very independent woman. She feels like Alexis is a kept woman, and they rub each other the wrong way. I am sure they will get over it in time ... or maybe not.

My life is going a 100 mph for me right now. I have not been able to sit down long enough to absorb what is going on. Since my divorce I am concentrating on the kids to make life as normal as possible. Real estate is picking up and Marcos has been my rock. I just started working as a spokesperson for Intelligent Beauty and I'm very excited to be working with a couple of the products. I'm working with Shoefabulous (www.shoefab.com), which provides affordable shoes just for your personality, and I'm promoting Kronos hair products (www.kronoshair.com), which do amazing things for my hair.

Lots of stuff floating about around about my divorce ... all I can say is don't believe everything you hear. Simon and I have both decided to work together instead of fighting about things. I really hope that we can keep the rest of our divorce private for the kids' sake.

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Taking the kids to the happiest place on earth today ... Disneyland!