Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney opens up about her relationship with her father.

on Feb 10, 2009

My decision to show my relationship issues with my dad on national TV was a big decision for me. But, like I said many times before, there is something very therapeutic about seeing yourself from the outside. I knew when my Dad heard the things I had to say and watched his own reactions, he could see how bad it hurt us.I grew up in a very traditional middle class family in Glendora, CA. My father was a business owner and my Mom stayed home with me and my two brothers. There were never any BIG issues that us kids knew about. I think as a kid you always want to believe that your parents are happy and will stay together forever. I was 25 years old when my parents divorced and of course the situation with him. Marrying my Mom's friend was a hard one to overcome. I spend the last 15 years of my life acting as if it NEVER happened and I moved on with my life. No one ever heard me talk about my dad and when I was asked about him, I had a hard time keeping the tears in (even as I am typing this right now).

Growing up I was the only girl and I was definitely Daddy's little girl. I don't think it matters how old you are, you are always daddy's little girl deep inside. I would talk to him on the phone occasionally and see him maybe once a year, but other than that there was little communication. I will always remember the day when my Dad called me and said he was divorcing that woman (my mom's ex- best friend), I knew that I would have my Dad back in my life. The first thing he did was come and see me and the kids and we got to catch up on what was going on with our lives. Shortly after that he decided that he needed a change and moved to Iowa (where he was born) and retired. Although I wished he could have stayed closer so he could spend more time with us. I respected his decision to move away and start his life over.