Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney thinks Botox is a Real Housewife's best friend.

on Jan 7, 2008


Tammy invited me to a Botox party, and since I can't pass up a party, I accepted. Although I wasn't in the market for Botox just yet, it still sounded like fun ... and it was. After a few glasses of wine the doctor suggested I get Botox to get rid of my lines on the side of my nose. I always thought they were cute — my mom has them and so do my daughters. I think he called it the bunny rabbit nose? So I said what the heck — I will try anything once. Long story short it hurt like hell and it didn't do a thing. I don't think they are actually wrinkles, more like expression lines? So, don't try it girls!

Botox parties are big in the OC — I hear about them all the time. Some doctors will even come to your house if you get enough girls together. I have personally always gone to a doctor's office to have it done. Something about drinking and needles that doesn't mix. Before the show it was something that I didn't really talk about — I just did it. Now after a few episodes I'm starting to look like the poster child for Botox! Truth be told, I have it done twice a year and I love it.