Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney shares why it's crucial to pick the right plastic surgeon.

on Jan 2, 2008



My decision to have breast implants in my early 20s was probably NOT one of my better decisions in life. The prior doctor talked me into implants that were way to large for my frame — the implants were wider then my rib cage. Which made it very hard to find clothes and bathing suits to fit right. After three pregnancies, nursing, and the weight of the implant, the internal pocket was too stretched out to support the implants. Imagine wearing a heavy backpack all day long that was too loose. I constantly used my shoulders and back to compensate, which lead to neck and back pain. Simon knew all the pain I was going through and supported me 100% in my decision. So, After having my last child, Sophia, I knew it was time to have the surgery. I consulted several plastic surgeons, and to my surprise they all had something different to say, which was totally confusing to me. I had heard so many horror stories, from lopsided breasts, severe scarring, uneven nipples, loss of sensation ....