Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney shares her holiday plans.

on Dec 23, 2008

Ryan's new tattoo is just stupid to me. I don't even know what to say about it. At the time it looked to me as if Simon was supporting Ryan, but that simply was not the case. He was explaining that I should NOT get too emotional and said I shouldn't make a big deal out of it. He believes Ryan does these things to get a reaction out of me, and if I keep giving it to him, he will keep doing it. At this point I am over his tattoos - he is a big boy and if he wants to cover his body, then I say go for it. Simon made a great point about Ryan, "he is not doing drugs, he is not robbing stores and he has a good job." So I guess he's not doing too badly.

The boat ride that day was crazy - I was not expecting to get on a party boat with my kids. It started off mellow then towards the end became a little too wild. We chose NOT to take the kids back on the boat and took a cab ride back to Vicki's house. This would be a great time for me to make excuses for our actions, but I am just not going to go there. It was all great fun and we all acted a little stupid at times. Watching the show tonight I felt bad - no one saw Vic get hit in the head with the football besides Donn. There we were dancing and having a good time and Vic was crying. Vic was a trooper and got right up, but she was hurting the whole day and had to go bed soon after. I told Vicki that when it comes to friendship, it's quality not quantity. I would rather have 7 really good friends then a ton of friends I can't trust. I do believe that Vicki shares the same belief and Vicki and Donn will be lifelong friends of ours.

I think you saw Simon in a totally different light this episode. As you know, that was rare footage of Simon. Simon is usually quiet and reserved, but not after drinking beer in 120 degree heat. It was nice to see him relax a little - he usually is the one making sure everyone is OK and has everything they need. He did not make that rude comment when I told him I wanted a boat. What he actually said was, "ya, if you buy it." Once again the editors have minds of their own. I swear there will be NO MORE crotch grabbing this season! My brother just text me saying, "OMG will you please just stop it." I got it, it's not cute so NO need to send me nasty comments. In 2009 I will be all grown up!