Tamra Barney

If Quinn wants to date younger guys, Tamra Barney's all for it. She explains why.

on Dec 11, 2007

We had a great time visiting Simon at work, I try to visit him a couple times a month so we go to lunch. This was the first time the kids had visited Simon at Fletcher Jones. They were amazed at all the fun things the dealership had to offer...like smoothies, video games and golf. And it was a total surprise running into Ryan in the parking lot at work. I wasn't expecting to see him since it was his first week working and I didn't want to bother him. It was time for Ryan to go back to work, he had been off work for 60 days and his money was starting to run out. I'm sure he drained his bank account!

I don't know what the future holds for Ryan, I just hope he finds something that he loves and can make enough money to enjoy his life. Ryan has had many jobs since he turned 16, mostly in the car business. Ryan's passion has always been cars, I guess you can say it runs in our family . My father owned a car business for 30 years, I still remember Ryan walking around his shop with a wrench help his grandfather at 3-years-old. I know working in the parts department is not the position Ryan trained for, but now he has his foot in the door. I am proud that he took a lesser paying job in the hopes he will move up when the opportunity is available.