Tamra Barney

If Quinn wants to date younger guys, Tamra Barney's all for it. She explains why.

on Dec 11, 2007

Fletcher Jones is a HUGE dealership, it's rare that Simon and Ryan run into each other at work. Unless it is at the coffee shop getting a cappuccino. I love that they work together, in some way it does bring them closer together. They now have a common ground , something they both can talk about. I know deep down inside Ryan appreciates what Simon is doing for him, after all he is follow in his step-daddy's footsteps. I guess you can say it is not common to sell a house with a $250,000 Ferrari included. However, in today's market people are throwing in incentives to help sell their homes, like a hard to get luxury car. It IS common for sellers to offer broker incentives like trips or offering your broker a bonus to move your property. I personally think price discounts are the most effective way to get your house sold in today's housing market, "Buyers have become more educated and they can easily cut through the fluffy incentives, buyers just want price!" And in regards to my comment about Quinn: I was not directing the comment about being "super hot" to Quinn — I was talking about COUGARS in general. (Gotta love those editors) Unhappy I am NOT, smart ass I AM.

If Quinn wants to date young boys then more power to her. I know it must be hard for her being single for the past 15 years. I was a single mom myself for many years until I found MY GUY. I wouldn't want to change places with her. I do wish her all the love in the world. She is a wonderful woman and deserves only the best. I don't think dating young guys is something I would be interested in. I just don't know what I would have in common with them. But I have learned to say "never say never" and "to each their own."