Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney sets the record straight on what really happened at her wild party!

on Jan 16, 2009

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you so much to Brian Malarkey for all he did for us. The meal was as amazing as his personality! I would also like to say congratulations on your new baby. I remembered Brian from Top Chef and actually met him and his lovely wife at the Project Runway fashion show in New York last year. Simon and I were both so excited about working with him. Thanks again to Brian and his team. The food was amazing!

I was actually looking into etiquette classes for my kids and came across Naomi's class and thought it would fun. I have never claimed to be high society and I'm not about to try now! Simon always teases me on my "Tamra style" of doing things. I am a no-frills type of person. I don't need 10 plates and 10 glasses and fancy napkins to have a meal. I do know there is a time and place for it though. Things to me are black and white and I tend not to sugar coat most things. I understand how that can rub people the wrong way. The one great thing about being on this show is that you get to see yourself from the outside. You have two options, you can use what you've learned about yourself to improve or you can ignore it. I think it has been a learning experience for each of us and we will all walk away as better people than when we came into this. Overall I did find Naomi's class to be interesting, but I still hold my fork in my right hand.