Tamra Barney

The birthday girl talks about her wild bash, her very unromantic dinner with Simon, and more!

on Mar 2, 2010

Holy Mother of Oldness...Yet another birthday on TV! My BFF Ricky decided he wanted to throw me an ALL girl birthday party (yes, Ricky is one of the girls, Marcos was there too but he would get mad if I called him one of the girls) and I was very honored. This year was all about taking it down a notch and having lunch with my Ho's and Mo's was more than enough for me. I don't even know what MO means, Ricky has always called himself "My Mo."

Vicki was invited and confirmed she would be there. It was just a few minutes from her office and everyone takes a lunch...If you work or not! I had a feeling that she was going to back out after our hike in Coto. Things were a little weird between us, so I understand. It did feel a little strange that she sent David in with a gift and I almost didn't want to accept it.

I was really happy that Lynne and all my close friends were there. We were all afraid to see the footage. My friend Fernanda brought a bottle of cachaça (a Brazilian drink) and it kicked our booty. That reminds me, she has a Brazilian booty DVD that will kick anyone's booty www.brazilianbootyworkout.com. My friend CJ (cute Blondie in purple) who happens to own www.blissfulchick.com surprised me with some pretty interesting adults gifts that I begged the producers NOT to show. Then there was Jenn with her "Virgin again" pills. After a couple shots of cachaça and a XXX Martini from Infusion we suddenly turned into "Housewives Gone Wild." But I would have to say we had a blast, it was a birthday I will never forget!