Tamra Barney

The birthday girl talks about her wild bash, her very unromantic dinner with Simon, and more!

on Mar 2, 2010

Simon also wanted to take me out for dinner and planned this romantic dinner... gone wrong. What you didn't see was a couple hours before dinner we got into a HUGE argument and I tried to cancel the dinner. Inevitably we decided to keep our plans. As you could tell it was very awkward and UN-romantic. I tried hard to make the best of it with humor, I even tried to lick his face...who doesn't like that? Simon was having NO part of it. His comment about Hitler was uncalled for and I just wanted to change the subject as fast as I could. From what I have heard he apologized to Vicki for that comment and said he was just using it as an example.

When Lynne called me and told me she was moving in with her Mom and that Frank was moving into a hotel, I felt so bad for them. I knew I needed to go talk to her in person and let her get out some of her aggravation. So I showed up with Bitch wine and Pure-fit bars...that's kind of healthy, right? With everything I was going through in my personal life it was hard for me to give her advice. I knew at the time that my situation was much worse and I was headed for divorce. None of the other Housewives really knew what I was going through. I hid my problems very well, it was my way of dealing with them. It really was a hard time in both our lives and I think that is really what brought us so close this season.

I cant believe that the season is over next week. I would like to say it went by fast but actually for me it seemed like it was never going to end. I am ready to move on and NOT have to rehash what happened last summer week after week. Things are looking up and Simon and I have realized that we are better parents apart than we are together. Thank you to everyone for all the support and wonderful uplifting emails I get daily.

xoxo Tamra