Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson speaks candidly about her competitve drive.

on Nov 27, 20070


I am very competitive in business and in my personal life. I think you are either born with that drive, or you're not. I do not choose to be this way, it is the way God designed me. Sometimes it is a battle for me to try not to be competitive, but deep down, it's what makes me happy. Actually, I love sales contests through my work, when I can actually see the goals I have to attain to get to the next level. It is a driving force in my soul that I can't help. When am I not competitive? When I am sleeping!

Getting together with the girls for drinks was a lot of fun. Jeana, Tammy, and I try to get together at least once a week. I love working hard all day, so taking time out to see my friends at least one night a week is a treat for me.


Vicki, We love you, and we are so happy that you are going to make your marriage work. Your husband is a wonderful person, and you make a wonderful couple, so working things out will only bring you closer in the long run.

We will MISS Jeane. Please give her our love, and we hope and wish for her success.