Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson offers details on her divorce, and explains how she took her business to the next level.

on Feb 20, 2007


In April 2006, I was on my way back from Florida visiting my friend, and I met a professional volleyball player (Ty Loomis), who was sitting next to me on the plane. He asked me why I was pulling out papers to work, "it's Sunday night...take the day off" — so I did.

I feel it was fate that put us next to each other on that plane. I talked to him about the first season of Real Housewives and my intention to build a new website, my dreams of building an online insurance agent agency across the US.

He told me the company he works for is, a high end web design company. He said they were the best in the industry and could build exactly was I was talking about. He gave me his card and I contacted them the week after I got home. This is how the making of and design of started...with a vision, on a plane, meeting the right people at the right time. Nothing is by accident!

After meeting and talking with their design team, I wanted my website to be user friendly, be interactive as well as somewhat calming — hence the rocks and ocean image. In this world of "insurance" sometimes websites can be too overwhelming, where even the highly computer literate user can't navigate through it.

I spent over seven months working on the site, building the back end systems as well, and am very proud of for all of their assistance in helping me fulfill my dreams. Thank you Visual Perspectives Internet for making my dream come true! You're the best!