Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson offers details on her divorce, and explains how she took her business to the next level.

on Feb 20, 2007

When I divorced Mike Sr., Michael and Briana were only five and six years old. I did not have a four-year college education, didn't have a career and I was SCARED! What I found out is once I realized I could support myself and my children without the aid of another person or "man," I felt empowered. I didn't feel like I "had" to get remarried to survive and be OK. I was able to marry Donn without feeling dependent on him, and it was the greatest feeling you can imagine. I think I was more of a "catch" than I would have been if I didn't work, because I was not "needing" to be with him for financial stability. We were able to marry on equal playing fields.


Oh, and you also get to see Jeana and I in the cooking class this episode! I have known Domenico, the owner of Valentina's, for over seven years now. He is not only a client of mine, but he is my personal chef, my business manager, and my close friend. Jeana and I love going to Valentina's for his once a month cooking class and for dinner when we don't feel like cooking. Domenico's cooking class is so much fun! It's definitely not your "traditional" cooking class! See you next time!