Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson offers details on her divorce, and explains how she took her business to the next level.

on Feb 20, 20070

When I divorced Mike Sr., Michael and Briana were only five and six years old. I did not have a four-year college education, didn't have a career and I was SCARED! What I found out is once I realized I could support myself and my children without the aid of another person or "man," I felt empowered. I didn't feel like I "had" to get remarried to survive and be OK. I was able to marry Donn without feeling dependent on him, and it was the greatest feeling you can imagine. I think I was more of a "catch" than I would have been if I didn't work, because I was not "needing" to be with him for financial stability. We were able to marry on equal playing fields.


Oh, and you also get to see Jeana and I in the cooking class this episode! I have known Domenico, the owner of Valentina's, for over seven years now. He is not only a client of mine, but he is my personal chef, my business manager, and my close friend. Jeana and I love going to Valentina's for his once a month cooking class and for dinner when we don't feel like cooking. Domenico's cooking class is so much fun! It's definitely not your "traditional" cooking class! See you next time!

Amani Murph
Amani Murph


You are on of the most admirable women in America, let alone on this series. I am starting a career in insurance and financial planning and am so VERY excited to be helping people the way that you do. Hats off to you, your family, and your newest career development!

Warmest regards

Cheryl Porco-Moyer
Cheryl Porco-Moyer

Vicki, I love,love,love,your wardrobe! What do you do with the clothes you don't wear anymore? Do you give those clothes "away"? You have a beautiful, full figure and your always impeccably dressed. Could you teach me to dress impeccably? I'm 47, 135lbs, nice legs, full bosom, med height. I know this sounds creepy, but if you don't ask, you won't know. Can I be your goodwill? I am not a weirdo, check out my facebook page. Cheryl Porco-Moyer. I'm just tired of looking like a typical stay at home Mom, who carpools and has kids with special needs. Miss feeling pretty. Any suggestions? woman 2 woman