Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson explains why it was hard for her and Donn to watch this week's episode.

on Dec 8, 2008

I LOVED having Lauren stay at our home this past summer. Lauren and Briana have become like sisters, because each of them do not have a sister, so it's nice to see them have one another. Lauren helps so much with Brody and is always willing to help around the house with chores or cooking. She is a blessing to Mike and she fits into our family perfectly. I miss Lauren and Mike and I am looking forward to having them both home for the holidays.

I know how difficult it is to film this show, to expose every area of your life and to raise a healthy family. I complete support Lauri's decision not to do the show any longer. I'm sure she will miss it, but I know her life is fulfilled now and she most likely doesn't have time for it any longer. We will miss her tremendously.

I don't know Lynne very well. We only filmed a few times together, so I can't really comment too much on her. She seems very nice and I am sure will adapt and fit in very well.