Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson reminisces about the San Diego trip, and denies claims that she's out of control.

on Dec 18, 2007


Jeana and I are extremely good friends and it was a very short-lived disagreement. Ultimately, Jeana was not responsible for Frankie's rent payments — Frankie was. This is and was a personal matter between the three of us, and has since been resolved amicably, and we all remain good friends.

Now, onto San Diego! It was really good to get away for the evening with the girls. Even though we only live one hour from San Diego, we don't get the opportunity to go down and enjoy the city enough like we should. We all got to know each other a little bit more, and it was really nice staying at the US Grant Hotel and having the in-room spa treatments.


I really enjoyed getting to know Tamra. She has turned out to be a really great friend. I am somewhat private and guarded when I meet new ladies because I tend to have a trust issue with them. Tamra is a girlfriend that I could depend on in the future well after the show has stopped. Unfortunately, Donn and I have not made it to San Diego yet — we have both been so busy. That is one challenge that we have — trying to find time for "us." It is one of my 2008 goals — to make Donn more of a priority in my life.