Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki talks about her family trip to Italy, how to survive in a struggling economy, and more!

on Nov 12, 2009


Welcome back to week two of The Real Housewives of Orange County…"Woo hoo!" I'm in Atlanta as we speak and am hoping I'll run into one of the Atlanta girls while I'm here.

This week you saw me take my daughter Briana and my mom to Europe to celebrate Briana's graduation from nursing school. We actually went on a cruise for 7 days to Turkey, Greece and Italy and then when we were finished, we stayed in Rome for another 4 days. It was so nice to spend time with my daughter and mother touring Europe. Traveling abroad and building life memories are the fruits of my hard work. In this episode, my mom seemed a little negative or as she said "whatever" - I think she was just really ready to get home after being gone so long. On our flight to Italy, I experienced the first time my daughter using her nursing skills. They had just turned off all the lights in the cabin and people were getting ready to go to sleep when all of a sudden over the loud speaker system, a flight attendant said, "If there is a Nurse or Doctor on the plane, please ring your call button or head immediately to the back of the plane as we have an emergency health situation." By the time I could let the flight attendant know where Briana was sitting, she was already in the back of the plane assessing the gentleman who was ill. The flight attendant came to me and told me how reactive Briana was and that she handled the situation with ease. I thought what an ironic thing to experience as here were celebrating her success of graduating, and she was already able to use her knowledge 30,000 feet above the ocean. She really made me proud and it was very emotional.

I know Gretchen had commented about Lynne needing to be more strict with her daughters and I really don't want to comment either way on this. It seems Lynne has a great relationship with her girls and personally I don't think Gretchen has any right to comment on that. She is NOT a mother, nor does she know anything about raising kids. I know the teenage years can be tough and soon enough this will pass for Lynne and it will be just a memory. I think Lynne did the right thing and told Alexa that she was NOT able to drink at 16 and am glad to see her stick to that. I did agree with Gretchen that she told Alexa that at 16 years old, there is no reason she should be drinking at all. I had a "no tolerance" drinking home until my kids were legal and it seemed to really work for us.