Vicki Gunvalson

Buisness turns personal when Vicki Gunvalson offers Gretchen some financial advice.

on Jan 21, 2009

Well I'm back from my week-long vacation in Puerto Vallarta with Donn — it was a fabulous time and probably one of our best trips ever. It was good to get away from all the "drama" that this year's show has brought all the OC Housewives and good to reflect on what is truly important in our lives. "Health is wealth," as if you don't have that, you don't have anything and a strong family! I am blessed to say we have both right now and we don't take health or family for granted.

I went to dinner with Jeana last night for our monthly Letip meeting, and it was good to see her. The Duxozin is working great for her, as every time I see her she looks thinner than before. We are both exc ited to see the supplement work so well on us, so hopefully the weight will keep coming off. I am on a mission this year to "transform" my figure, so I wake up at 6 AM every morning to drive half an hour to train with Gabe. He's telling me if I stay focused and committed, the results will happen.

The networking group that I formed a few years ago is called Letip of Coto de Caza. It currently consists of about 40 to 50 members who are typically small business owners that meet once a week to exchange "business referral tips." It is a great way to grow your business and also allows you to have a network of referrals for your clients and associates of committed professionals who value good business work ethic. I am proud of our group and it has been a lot of fun for me watching it grow through the years. The award I received from the home office acknowledged the great job I have done building such a successful group.