Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki talks about her relationship with Donn, and how mutual respect and trust makes a marriage work.

on Dec 9, 2009


Welcome back to episode five and Happy Holidays to everyone. This was a fun episode and not a lot of drama which is always nice. It was fun going to Barbara Parkers jewelry store to pick out Donn's new wedding ring. I ended up getting him a white gold and yellow gold combination with 3 princess cut diamonds totaling 1.5 carats. He was so excited. The inscription that I ended up having her put in the ring said "Happy 15 years." I didn't want to get too detailed in the inside of the ring, and thought that was enough.

The Florida trip didn't end up exactly how I had planned, but we ended up having a good time anyways. I can't really judge how Simon and Jim are with their wives, as I stated it just wouldn't work for me. To have husbands say that "their wife CAN'T or WON'T" travel without them is drastically different from the people I associate with. Most of my women friends are all in the business world and have to travel for a living. My girlfriends that are married and not working are fine traveling without their husbands and we have a great time when we do. If Donn and I had the rule that we couldn't travel without each other, it would be very difficult to manage our careers and don't think it would work for us. On my 'girl trips,' there is NO way that Donn would ever expect to go, just as I wouldn't expect to go on his 'guy trips.' I believe it is healthy to have time apart from one another. There is a pretty strong chance in life, that one spouse will end up without the other sometime, and if you've never been able to travel alone, have a sense of independence, I think it is extremely damaging and crippling to each other. When my father passed away 11 years ago, it was devastating to my mom. She never had to worry about finances, writing a check, traveling or buying a car on her own. It really handicapped her when he was gone. When Donn's father passed away, it left his mother in a terrible situation. She never had a drivers license, never wrote a check and never went anywhere without him. It was devastating to her and she felt like half of herself was missing when he died. I don't believe ANYONE should be that dependent on someone else in this day and age. This Florida trip was supposed to be a girls trip, not a couples trip and I feel the girls should have declined and NOT gone if they couldn't go without their husbands.

I actually just finished my book More Than a Housewife that is now shipping this week. It's been a six month journey to complete it and it has been really exciting to see the amount of people that have contacted me saying how it has given them hope and courage to be independent in their life. I think the book is perfect timing with what is happening in the economy. It inspires women to not be dependent on ANYONE and to learn how to set goals to achieve a happy, healthy and prosperous life, whether you are married, single, searching for a career, in school or in any walk of life.