Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki talks about her daughter's health, Tamra's birthday party, Gretchen's makeup line, and more!

on Feb 26, 2010


Welcome back to the near ending of season five. Are you ready for it to be over yet? It's definitely bittersweet for my family and me.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for being so kind with your messages inquiring about Briana. She received a benign diagnosis yesterday on her thyroid test which is amazing news. The bad news is, the doctor does not know if the nodules or thyroid are 100% clean from cancer, so he is recommending we see a surgeon to discuss having her thyroid and over 30 nodules removed. Briana really wants to have the surgery to be able to put this behind her, but I just want to be sure it's the right thing for her so I'm doing a lot of research. Again, thank you everyone for sending her your prayers, good well wishes, books and cards. We are in awe of the amount of people that are so caring and so generous in this time of uncertainty.

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the emails and phone calls my office and I have received about my book More than a Housewife. Some of your messages have brought tears to my eyes when you tell me how much my book has inspired you and has changed your lives. That was my goal, to let my viewers see the vulnerable side of me, the compassionate side of me, and how I was able to grow and learn from my trials and tribulations. It has been all worth it to know how many lives I have touched by discussing my "life lessons." If you are interested in purchasing it, please visit my website at and let me know what you think of it when you're done.