Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki reacts to finally seeing how the other 'wives reacted when she and Donn left Lynne's dinner party.

on Feb 4, 2010

It was really nice to have Gretchen come to my office at Coto Insurance to show me her new makeup line that she was working on, and I thought it was great that she asked me for advice.  It was funny because she is the only one that has been by my office to see exactly where I spend most of my time. I thought her makeup line was really pretty, but I also cautioned her on putting too much money out on something that is so competitive without a solid business plan and financial backing in place. I've seen a lot of people lose a lot of money in startup companies like this. It's very risky when you compare it to all the makeup lines that are available online and in stores. When I asked her if Slade contributed to her finances, it was because I didn't understand how she was going to fund such an expensive project without having financial support from Slade or a business loan. It doesn't really add up to me.  Gretchen claims she didn't get any money when Jeff passed away, but then how does she support herself and Slade?  Something just doesn't add up.

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