Dubrow Chateau Is a Towering Presence in Heather Dubrow’s 2018 Holiday Card

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum and her family look great… but we can’t stop staring at that house!

Typically, when one conducts a family photo shoot, they have to seek out a venue... somewhere grand and beautiful, maybe in a park or in front of a museum. But for Heather Dubrow’s annual holiday card photo shoot, she and her family didn’t have to travel far. That’s right — instead they headed out the (massive) front doors of Dubrow Chateau and took some very dramatic pictures right in their front driveway.

And whileThe Real Housewives of Orange County alum and her family look stunning (we’re loving this year’s red-and-black theme!), what we really can’t stop obsessing over is Dubrow Chateau. It’s no secret that we here at Home & Design are always clamoring for more peeks at Heather’s mega-mansion — reminder: It’s 22,000 square feet, people!— and via this card (which Heather posted on Instagram), we’re able to hone in on some previous unseen details of the home’s façade.

Case in point: Heather’s got a juliette balcony, who knew?! Also, we had seen the massive carport, but never noticed that a giant terrace rests atop it. And when it comes to landscaping, we’re spying lots of meticulously manicured hedges, towering Cyprus trees, and two gigantic magnolia trees flanking the driveway. And let's talk about that driveway! No standard blacktop surface here. Nope, the Dubrows opted for oversized greystone to line the massive space, and the result is stunning, like something you'd see at, well, a museum. And a really fancy one at that! 

Credit: Heather Dubrow/Instagram

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