Meghan King Edmonds: I Literally Had No Intention of Ever Hurting Kelly

"Kelly was there for me after my surgery and I want to be there for her."

I’ve seen all of your tweets and comments over the last couple weeks and I know a lot of you think I’ve been trying to stir the pot, especially when it came to my fight with Kelly. But remember earlier in the season when I said I wasn’t looking for any drama and didn’t want to stir anything up? I meant it! And I think this week’s episode clearly shows that. I’m all for taking the high road to avoid drama and put an end to petty fights.

I literally had no intention of ever hurting Kelly and I didn't want to allow this fight to go on and turn into us continually hurting one another. It was time to put it behind us before it snowballed out of control. Surgery is much bigger than a petty fight and it puts things into perspective. Kelly was there for me after my surgery and I want to be there for her. At the end of the day that's what really matters.

By the way, shout out to Kelly for being a post-surgery rock star! I can’t believe how quickly she recovered and was able to go out to dinner.

I think it’s almost comical that Peggy thought we were testing her and poking her at dinner...nobody’s poking you Peggy, we’re trying to communicate with you! Kelly joked about her going to UCLA, but it truly is confusing to me how it’s so difficult to have a conversation with someone who was an English major at UCLA. Then when I tried to help Peggy understand what Kelly was talking about, she was so quick to shut me down – why is she always so dismissive of me?! And yes, I am also still confused about Peggy’s breast cancer (are abnormal cells actually cancer?), but in the big picture, that doesn’t matter and all that matters is that she’s healthy. I’ve officially thrown in the towel on my P.I. days and I’m not touching this one!

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