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The Reason I'm Naked on TV

There's only one thing you need to know about Jo De La Rosa. She's a big goofy dork.

Let me start by saying that this is the first episode, and there I am, naked. In the shower. The whole reason that the footage exists is because I sing in the shower. But for some reason, the singing was cut from the final edit. So it just looks like I wanted to go on national television with no clothes on. I'm sure there will be viewers who ask, "Why is she naked on TV?" I want to clear the record. I was singing a Jessica Simpson song. And whether it's for time, or whatever the reason may be, the singing got cut. That's the reason there's footage of me in the shower. No more. No less.

The Playboy party was fun, I think everybody should experience it at least once in their life. I had a good time. I've known JJ since high school. We didn't really hang out in high school, but we ran into each other, and re-kindled the friendship when I saw her at Koi, the restaurant in LA (which is hot, by the way). We don't really hang out, we have separate groups, but we definitely got close over the summer. Then I got busy with the show, and she got busy with work, so we've drifted a little. I don't want to give away too much because it's going to be a pretty interesting season. But I will say that I think this season was the hardest for Slade and I to go through. Last season saw us break off our engagement. And now you get to see us dealing with those repercussions and trying to go backwards. Which is hard. I think that viewers will be happy to see that there is a sense of resolve. Again, I don't want to give away too much.


So, here's what people need to know about me. I'm a big goofy dork. By nature. And there are times where I'm watching my interviews on the show, and I'm making up words. Because I think they're funny. It's a bad habit. If you didn't know me, you would think, "There's no such thing as that word, Jo." And that's one of the things about reality television. My friends understand that I'm being a goofball. If you're just joining us this season, don't take me too seriously. I'm just having a good time. I think there were people who watched me last season and thought, "She's kind of a ding dong." I'm really not. I hide my intelligence because it's easier to do so. It allows you to have more fun. You can't take life too seriously. And that's what you should know about Jo. Have a great time this season! You'll be hearing from me.