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The Empty Nest

Vicki Gunvalson explains the difference between "Mom Vicki" and "Work Vicki."


So Briana can't take Lucy to college with her, and that's what we get to see in our first scene. I am happy to report that Lucy is doing great! She has been a good addition to the family. Jake loves her and it's good for him to have a "friend" considering that it's difficult for me to take time out for them during the day. I love animals and couldn't imagine a home without at least 1 of them. I have always had dogs growing up, minimum 1 dog...usually 2. It's interesting to see Donn and I sort of disagree on whether or not we can take the dog, but Donn and I have figured out a way to compromise when needed. I know when to back down and when to persist. We know that we're both pretty head strong — so if we are going to make our marriage work...the big thing for us is COMPROMISE!


I think Briana gets frustrated sometimes that I work so much. She talks in this episode of there being a "Mom Vicki" and a "Work Vicki" - and it's absolutely true. I have so much pressure on me during the day to use the 10-12 hours to be the's tough to put it aside. That 'line" between the two is extremely difficult. It usually works best for me to remove myself from the office or home in order to have fun and to relax. Unfortunately, when I am at home — I see it as a place of work!


This episode sort of drives home what a lot of parents go through when their grown children leave for college. The empty nest has been a difficult transition, but one that I have embraced. I have focused on expanding my insurance agency and to spend more time traveling. So far I am enjoying it. I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to my condo by myself for a few days last week. It was the first time I'd ever done that — with just one day's notice. I read a good book, had a massage in my room and relaxed. I have to say, life is good!