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Kara And The New Boyfriend

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Kara And The New Boyfriend

Kara Keough introduces her new man!


You saw it here first. That's my new man... I think I'll be safe this season from all the "haters" because I believe I only appeared minimally... But my take on the show is pretty simple: it's hilarious this year! I love to watch the people I care about on TV and I like getting caught up on everybody's lives. Colton is pumped from football season, our high school had a pretty successful run this year and he's got a lot of that Keough pride. Shane got a new puppy, named Bella. He's practicing responsibility and I've seen such major changes in his attitude and character: he is honestly growing up! It's nice to have Shane away from home because it makes it a pleasure to have him back, when he does come. My mom and I are getting close this year and I think when I go to college, she's going to have a hard time. I can tell she's sensitive about the issue because whenever I talk about my college plans, potential majors, and living arrangements... She gets grouchy! I understand though, I am going to miss her and the rest of my family so much. I am scared to come home to a house sans-Mowgli!

As for my new boyfriend, I had known him for awhile, while dating the last "one." He's a little older than me, but I think it works out better that way; I've been told I'm wise beyond my years anyway. He is a junior at UCLA and he recently turned 20, I just had my 19th birthday... So it's not that extreme. I was always pretty attracted to him but I obviously wasn't looking for a new boyfriend. THEN, I got my booty dumped and six months later, and here I am with a new beau. He's pretty good for me — he taught me to how to cook! I feel like such a big girl, cooking with my boyfriend! I'm so domesticated ;)