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Just Like A Tattoo

Tamra Barney reacts to her son Ryan's new tattoo.

I was extremely disappointed when Ryan showed up with a new tattoo. I was speechless! I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to cover their bodies in Ink, especially when it's your own child. I was upset after his first tattoo at 18, because he was so young and I knew he would regret it. But here he is, three years later, still going strong. If he was 30 and established in a career I guess I would have to say "Too each their own," but this is clearly not his situation. I'm sure the day will come when he is having them removed and we get to say to him ... "WE TOLD YOU SO." Although I said that Spencer would never get a tattoo ... NEVER say NEVER. I don't think Spencer will follow in Ryan's footsteps. They are totally opposite personalities. Ryan has been rebellious from the day he was born, and Spencer wouldn't break a rule if you paid him. All my kids are different and It doesn't mean as a mother you love them any more or less then the others. Like all parents, I want what is best for all my kids no matter what they choose to do in life. I don't care if Ryan wants to pick up trash for a living, as long as he is doing what makes him happy.

There is such a huge age difference between Ryan and the other kids and the fact that Ryan was out of the house when Sidney and Spencer were very young has made it hard for them to bond. The kids love their older brother even though he teases the heck out of them. I would say that Ryan favors Sophia — he loves babies. Let's just hope he doesn't have any of his own anytime soon.

Overall, I have to give Simon credit — he was against Ryan moving back from the start. However, he did it for me. I know that he loves Ryan and wants what is best for him. Even with Ryan's constant disrespect for him, Simon will keep trying to help Ryan. I hope deep down Ryan appreciates it. I honestly thought Ryan had matured from the last time he lived with us — I hope he will change and start thinking about his future.