Get Active!

Jeana Keough talks about Kara's culture shock, getting active, and the new housewife, Lynne.

I am thrilled with my redecorating — Frankie and Kelly Ellis did a great job. I try to exercise everyday because it keeps me sane. I used to eat when I was unhappy, but exercising is much healthier — thanks to John Ellis I am retrained.

Kara had culture shock her first year at school, but now she appreciates Berkeley's quaint beauty. She missed her boyfriend terribly, as well as her family and her dogs. She has a dog at Berkeley and that helps. She has made lots of friends. The drinking in college is upsetting to her, so parties aren't her thing. Lauri decision to leave the show was the right decision for her family at the time. Now that things have settled down, she might be back next year. The new housewife Lynne is so sweet — she is very thoughtful and bought us presents when she first met us, as did Gretchen. They both have rockin' bodies and have encouraged us to step up our game! That was really sweet of them. Lynne got us great facials at Pure Indulgence. The owner Bridget is amazing — I am hooked for life!

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