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Not a "Spa Girl"

She had a good time on the spa getaway, but Tamra Barney explains why she's just not a spa girl at heart.

I told you things would heat up, didn't I? I'm not sure at what point I thought it was OK to let the cameras follow me lingerie shopping or go on national TV with no make up after a facial (yep, I have freckles and I hate them). Lingerie shopping is always fun, but I had no idea it was going to get so raunchy. Maybe I should give the viewers a warning before I show the good, bad and ugly next time? After seeing myself trying on lingerie I hired a personal trainer...OUCH! I would have to say that Simon liked the end result - he just didn't care for me to show it to the world.

Ryan moved out so we turned his room into a gym, and it almost killed us! I am still repairing the house from the damage that was done. Poor Simon, the look on his face trying to carry that equipment down the stairs was priceless. Sophia was so tired and she was letting everyone know she NEEDED a nap. For the record I NEVER told my daughter to shut up. They took the audio from me downstairs (talking to myself) in a different room then played it as if I was yelling at her, I think it was a very hurtful of them to do that.

Simon quit his "day job" to start his own company. He has always had a side business while he worked in the car industry and he was ready to take it on full time. Of course like many he was not expecting this dip in our economy when he started, but he will weather through it. He always seems to come out on top. We are very excited! Even though I am not a big "SPA GIRL" I had a great time at Sonya Dakar. The salon is beautiful and the views from the rooftop are amazing. I had a facial and pedicure and nice conversation with the girls. I hope Vicki got to relax a little - she works so hard. It was a bummer that Lauri had to leave so early. Jeana always seem to enjoy her self everywhere we go, I never have to worry about her. It is so nice to have good friends like them.