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A Croissant Sandwich Compromise's Assistant Editor distills all the 'Wife wisdom from Episode 12.

It was all about Alexis Couture this week. From party planning with the overly "Frenchy" Pascal to learning what Alexis sees as "walk in the park" wear, the dress line premiere was pretty much as fabulous and fun as Alexis could have hoped. Except for that whole thing with Vicki being rushed to the hospital because she was, as Tamra so elegantly phrased it, "bleeding from her ass." 

However blood wasn't the only thing shed this episode, since both Gretchen and Vicki broke down into tears about their relationships. Looks like they're both at major turning points. So what can we learn from the ladies in this penultimate episode full of fashions, trials, and tribulations? Let's find out.


What do you get for the man who has everything? Sexy photos of yourself! The Vegas trip was the big reveal of Peggy's bound volume of "boudoir photos," and Micah seemed pretty pleased. You can check out some of the shots for yourself here. And the question of where to store "boudoir photos" from my previous recap remains unanswered. Thoughts?

A hug at the end of the day (or some other type of physical affection) is absolutely necessary. I think that much is clear from Vicki's heart to heart with Tamra. So keep the magic alive with "boudoir photos" (or whatever works for you)!

Gretchen went deep this week and asked the question, "Is love enough?" looks like we don't have an answer yet. I guess we'll watch what happens in the finale.

Event Planning

It's all about compromise. If your French chef suggests quail and that's not your favorite, just meet him halfway with a croissant sandwich. Problem solved! 

To greatly reduce the likelihood of a full on catfight breaking out, seat mortal enemies at different tables. I thought Alexis really might have had this one is the bag by putting Tamra, Lynne, and Vicki at a different table than Gretchen, Fernanda, and herself. But once Tamra came over to share the news about Vicki's emergency with the other table, all focus on the fashions was lost. You could feel the flaring up of animosity once Gretchen went off on how "ironic" it was that Vicki was in the hospital during the show. Maybe next time Alexis can just set up some sort of screen between the tables as well. 


I don't know about you, but I've very much enjoyed learning about what passes for casual wear in the O.C. While the "Walk in the Park" look I could maybe see (so long as we're talking like a kiddy park and not a nature preserve), "Shop Till You Drop" left me a little perplexed. I, like Tamra, might be a bit worried about my "cooch falling out" while bending to grab my evil eye shirt in a different size or reaching to get a more beadazzled cowgirl hat. Perhaps the dress comes with one of those little grabbing devices that have the dinosaur heads on them? In any event, I think the lesson here is that one should never be afraid to bring a little sexy into your everyday activities.

Side Note: Did anyone else notice how, umm, suggestive those design names were? Andy pulled them together in this helpful montage so you can judge for yourself.

Next week is the finale with the tumultous pool party scene from the season teaser. Trust me, you won't want to miss it.