Alexis Bellino

Alexis explains why she was so upset at Peggy's dinner.

on May 1, 2011

Tornadoes in the south have devastated many lives. I am from Missouri and have lived through my share of tornadoes, and they are scary! My heart and prayers go out to all southern states and their families. Now is a time we all need to help rebuild.

On a positive note, the royal wedding! Oh wow! I recorded it, so I was glued to the TV tonight. Kate is so beautiful, natural, warm, and has an effortless elegance. She will make an amazing princess in the footsteps of Princess Diana. Wow, wow, wow.

Now, on to the catty, non-princess like behavior of Orange County. This was an interesting episode to say the least! I mean geez, it is a mix between high school chaos, an emotional basket case (me!), backstabbing friends, spousal fights, floating fish, good food, and good wine. We should be so proud... Not!

Gretchen meeting Victor Paul and discussing her views on marrying Slade made me realize that I agree with her. I feel like Gretchen has a right to feel the way she does. Gretchen has been divorced before, so I'm sure that plays part in her emotions and always will. Also, she has worked very hard to be where she is and to keep a roof over her head, so I can understand the financial concern she has. She loves Slade, and that is obvious, so she should take her time and be 100% ready before getting married.

Next we see Tamra pick up Vicki for Peggy's dinner party. They sure didn't wait long to start making jabs at others. The first dig is making the statement that, "We finally have a friend who's husband actually works and has a job." Then they make fun of the fact that Slade helps with Gretchen's handbags and makeup. And? Did I miss something? My husband and I help each other, isn't that what people in love do for each other? I help Jim with our rental properties and bills, and Jim helps me with my ecommerce, my appearances, Alexis Couture, etc. I think it's awesome that Slade is so involved with Gretchen's businesses, and that Jim helps with mine. Who better than your spouse/significant other to help you? You can trust them the most, you know they have your best interest in mind, and you know they aren't going to screw you! Gretchen needs Slade's help right now, bottom line.